from by Ocelon



Lyrics by Luis
Music by Ocelon


Hear, my son,
the things I will tell you,
they’re all about
everything you can reach.

The first lesson
you must to know
is don’t fear to ask.
Don´t be afraid to learn.

A learned man talks,
a wise one, hears,
you must to decide
which do you want to be.

If your words aren’t
nicer than silence
you better say nothing
or you can start a war.

Always be aware
that it is far easier
to move a river
than the will of a man.

Earth is your home
and nature your lover,
please take care of them
or they will turn against you.

Take just what
they offer to you
and don’t fight for more.
No one can own the world.

Now, my son,
you must let me go,
I have seen enough things
since long time ago.

I can finally rest,
and, please, don’t forget
the knowledge I taught you,
I’ll always be there.

Souls will cry
when moths fly…

Never cry a live well lived!
You’re insulting my memory
if you think I wasted my life.

I have gone too soon
leaving you with so much to learn.
Pain is the best master…
…even though stave.

Treasure the gift
your live gives to you,
use it wisely.
Time is always sand.

Friends and food
and family too
are the most important
pillars of peace of mind.

The best advices
I can give to you
are: “patience is a virtue”
and “make your own wishes true”.


from Of the Lost Heritage, released February 26, 2016




Ocelon Madrid, Spain

Ocelon is a Folk Metal band from Madrid formed in 2012. After lots of formation adjustements,the band begins to bloom, and gives their first concerts 2013, finally releasing a demo on January 2014. Two years later, after more hard work, Ocelon releases "Of The Lost Heritage" in february 2016 as their first album, with better sound and very rich and creative influences and direction. ... more

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